How To Set Up Google Analytics With MonsterInsights

Most of our customers find it very valuable to track the traffic on their site so they can measure their efforts. We recommend Google Analytics and a tool called MonsterInsights, previously named Google Analytics by Yoast.

Google Analytics is freely provided by Google and easy to use. MonsterInsights is included standard on the Evermore platform for our customers.

We recommend that you setup these tools up as soon as possible to begin tracking your website’s performance. There are only two parts to the process.

Part 1: Activate MonsterInsights

Login into your website’s dashboard and navigate to the “Plugins” section on the left hand side. Select “Plugins” and search for “Google Analytics by MonsterInsights”. Then, select “activate”. When you are done, you should look see the same setup as in the highlighted portion below:

MonsterInsights 1

Part 2: Add your Google Analytics tracking code to MonsterInsights

To perform this next activity, you need to add a Google Analytics tracking code to MonsterInsights. Remember, prior to completing this step, you must already have setup an account with Google Analytics. If you don’t already have a Google Analytics account, please follow these steps: Getting Started With Google Analytics.

Once you have setup an account, or if you already have an account, the next step is connecting “Google Analytics by MonsterInsights” to Google Analytics. This is required for Google Analytics to access your site traffic information securely and safely through the MonsterInsights tool.

To do this, on the left side of your dashboard, navigate to Insights > Settings > Authenticate with your Google Account.

Monster 3

A pop-up will then prompt you to log in to your Google Analytics account and select the web property, which is the site you are logged into, that you would like to connect to Google Analytics. If you have more than one Google account, several may show, but log in to the one that you used to sign up for Google Analytics with.

MonsterInsights 4

On the next screen, you’ll select Allow.

monster 5

You’ll then be presented with a code that you will copy.

monster 6

After you’ve copied the code, close out of the Google pop-up window and paste the code here. Then, select Save authentication code.

monster 7


You’ll then be taken back to the MonsterInsights section of your admin panel. Now that you’ve successfully connected MonsterInsights and Google so they can “talk”, navigate to Analytics profile and click on Select a profile. Choose the correct profile, there may only be one if that’s all you’ve setup, and select Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Monster 8

When you’re finished, you should see a UA followed by a series of numbers as your Analytics profile.

monster 9


That’s it! Make a note on your calendar a week from now (after you have some site traffic to review) and login to take a few minutes to explore the Google Analytics dashboard. Do this another couple of times and things will begin to become more familiar.

Note: You are given the option to manually enter your Google Analytics Tracking Code (or UA code). We do not recommend this, because it will disable the analytics dashboard that MonsterInsights sets up for an easy overview when you login into your site. We also do not recommend selecting any of the options below this such as “track outbound click and downloads”.